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When we need someone in life, we go through the feeling of loneliness and alone.When we are enjoying life, people will call u to pamper them and solve their worries.I am an introvert, still a good positive thinker.people love me for my attitude, but sometimes I  want to be a Silent listener, no suggestion and no advice at all.I felt like always taken for granted in life by friends.when I call any of my friends, they never react, and next day they call and they suppose me to listen to them, and one of the common things they all said message me if it was urgent.there was a world when no Whatsapp,….friendship is stronger, people are no moody so much.We expect someone to listen our anguish and nonsense, but it is heard by some other whom we never expect…..this all made me on another view of life.No one is your friend, all just want to empty their mind garbage bins on another.BE YOURSELF, BE STRONG.DON’T EXPECT SOMEONE TO HELP YOU.


I Realized that when I focus on problems, I get more problems.So instead of the problem, we should focus on the solution of the problem.there are always some people we have to deal with problems, These are the people who don’t want to see us happy., otherwise they don’t say which will hurt us.I really think that we can deal with our problems,. if people are not discussing us, not confusing us with their stupid suggestions and tantrums.

“Great Minds discuss ideas; Average Minds discuss events; Small Mind People”


Childhood is best and sweetest part of a person’s life.Child labor is a crime still it is growing wider in many parts of our country.WE can easily saw many cases of child labor at traffic lights, railway tracks, small and big industries.A democratic country, like India where education is free and compulsory for children of age up to 14 years, still you can easily see a child mainly girl child with a bunch of flowers or items on hand for sale.Is that child/girl child doesn’t have the right to education or that child/girl will not become future of our nation?Many small scale industrialist just only hires children for work for their profits, as if they need not pay them regular full wage acc. to wage regulation act.I always think that every child should have the privilege of the right to study, right to play.ThEY should go school, learn the differences between right and wrong.Pls share your thoughts, comments are welcome.



The word “‘friend” takes us to the world of joy, happiness, naughtiness.A friend is such a special person of life who steal your tears and make you laugh when you forgot to laugh.He gets you through your difficult phase of life., sadness and confused times.You are lucky if you have friends who always care for you, guides you, makes you happier.In difficult situations cheers you up and tells you that everything is going to be okay, you need not worry, and say I am and I will always there for you.Friendship and friends are something that we always need in life to laugh at silly jokes, enjoying and understanding life, to share and care, to roam, to play pranks,,,, friendship world is endless and friend’s love is always forever.


I,proud to be an INDIAN



soldie n peoplsoldiers.jpg

” I am an Indian, Humanity is my religion. “

Before I start to write, I would like to thanks and give a grand salute to soldiers of my country, who are fighting on the border for securing our life, irrespective of weather and conditions ..Soldiers(Army, Navy and Air Force) are the reason for all of us peace.If You want to divide yourself then you have so many basis i.e religion, caste, community. India is a land of different diversity, culture, religion, and festival.Instead of hurting other people’s religious emotion if we start respecting them, it will be a great India. A short incident that makes me feel proud about my country.Instead of so many religious issues in a country still, some people are making proud.For them humanity and brotherhood are religion.On my trip to Jaipur, exploring places, the market I was doing window shopping …as I pass through saw a shop name Mahavir, and the owner has a Punjabi turban.I was little curious to know about.As I go inside there were two more people, but they had no turban on their head.I curiously asked them who is the owner..he said we all three are the owner.Our conversation was also heard by one more buyer, and buyer shockingly said how this is possible.YOU are Brahmin and that turban man must be your boss.Surprisingly he said we all three are the boss.I am Brahmin, other two one is a Sikh and other Muslim.I asked him how you manage, means so many communal riots going in our areas, country.I am very overwhelmed by his nice answer that we all three are brothers(Brahmin, Sikh, and Muslim), belief in humanity and brotherhood.I said we are proud of u,u all are making the country proud, After hearing my words, he felt so thankful and gave me a chocolate box, and said that no one compliments them ever like this and the Indian feeling,.. …Proud to have these special people in my country….proud to be an Indian.

” Proud to have this special person in my country….proud to be an Indian.”



being alone medicin.jpg

If I would say that being alone with yourself is being the best medicine, people would say that I become completely mad or insane, but it’s true.If u deeply think u will know that no one can know you better than yourself, you are your best friend.Before telling to a person we told ourselves so many things.Sometimes in a crowd of people when you are feeling confused about ways of life, right or wrong decisions and true or fake friend, problems.u will get every solution and every answer in that loneliness….

Travelling to A Place where no one knows me and even no one wants to know me.No one will ask me single questions about my life, problems.I  can fly, as  I want to fly.I don’t need to explain, can fight with my flaws and frowns.To be alone  means to hear the language of your inner soul, your happiness and do things which make you feel peaceful . Sitting at the corner of the beach and throwing stones in water, playing with wave water on the beach, making new friends, learning the true meaning of life, new lessons of life..and to live .U don’t need to act something about What people will say. and for which your mind always says no..Sometimes being alone makes you feel completely perfect.we are always dwelled in our past and future thoughts.A few days ago I read the book of Sir Shree “Swa-samvad ka jaadu” and Hercules ki aantrik khoj”.at Sirshree ji is a great motivational writer and thank you, Sir, for writing such an inspiring book and from its inspiration, I decided to write on this. I would like to say Thank u to my sir also, who encouraged and gave this book for reading.THere are so many beautiful and inspiring thoughts in books, but One of the beautiful n favourites thought in Sirshree ji Books he said that if u r not feeling ok and want to cry and regret some reason then bound a time it may be one hour or one day or one week.In that particular time do every thing that makes let all your anger, frustrations will go away in that particular bounded time.After that, no more thinking and no more punishing yourself..forget it and look upward for beautiful memories of life.

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